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Digital Livewave TV Antenna for Indoor - HDTV Antenna with Amplifier Signal Booster for 4K HD Local Channels with Coaxial Cable Ultra High Definition TVs,Amplified 120 Mile Range Ultra 4K TV Antennas

Baylyn has raised the communications bar with a revolutionary antenna system design. The revolutionary design includes a repairable, replaceable antenna shaft. The antenna has decreased SWR with rugged construction. We use some of the highest quality materials to handle the worst possible conditions. The outside of the fiberglass tube has four layers of high-gloss epoxy paint with no stickers. The antenna conductors are 98% copper, including a hand-tuned copper air coil for lower SWR. This gives the customer maximum range. Each antenna is hand assembled in the USA, and each antenna is tested before leaving the factory. <Features> * High Quality, MADE IN THE USA Antenna(Unlike the cheap MADE in China garbage produced by Shakespeare Antennas and most of the other antenna manufacturers) * HEAVY-DUTY COMMERCIAL Antenna * Solderless PL 259 connector for ease of insulation * Repairable antenna * Break antenna no problem screw antenna off base and replace without routing coax cable. * 4 way ratchet mount can be used for either 4 foot antenna or 8 foot antenna * RG8X marine low loss tinned copper coax cable * High Quality stainless steel 316 low lead heavy duty 4 way ratchet mount * Mount connector and antenna connector are baked in anti corrosion material * Antenna ferrule 316 low lead stainless steel with set screw * Thick fiberglass radome design for the most extreme weather conditions 4 layers of high gloss Epoxy paint no stickers * Inside antenna is 98% copper material including copper tubing * Hand tuned air coil that is crimped with a tinned copper ferrule then solder for a long lasting connection. * All connections are solder with silver bearing solder for stronger solder joints * 20, 30 or 40 foot RG8X coax cable(This listing includes 20' of cable ~ Email us if you need a greater length) * 5 year warranty on antenna