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CANNONBALL - Weighted Training Softball - Fastpitch Softball Pitching Training Tool Aid

Color: Orange
The Cannonball is easy to use with a friend for a quick warm up before the game or alone against a wall to develop your arm and to loosen the key muscles preventing injury to your arm.

The Cannonball is a durable, 1 lb. weighted ball perfectly designed to strengthen, tone and warm up your throwing shoulder. It helps loosen up muscles and prevent injuries. It accelerates your throwing power at an optimum level.

The Cannonball is easy to use with a friend for a quick warm-up before the game or alone against a wall. Using The Cannonball develops your arm and loosens the key muscles, preventing injury to your arm.

Over training sessions with The Cannonball, your arm will develop throwing power and add strength for long throws from the outfield. The Cannonball will help condition your arm during the off-season. Recommended for quick warm-ups for throwers age 12 and up, The Cannonball will build muscle in your throwing arm and help prevent serious injuries in high school, college, and even professional ballplayers.

The Cannonball works for men, women, outfielders, infielders, and even pitchers. The Cannonball is the perfect warm-up tool for baseball, softball, or any sport that requires throwing. Coaches, players. trainers, team doctors all agree! The proper use of a weighted ball during the warm-up process is key to properly conditioning your arm for throwing. Make yourself the best possible player and start training with The Cannonball today!

Try it once and you'll feel the difference. Training with The Cannonball is like having your own personal throwing trainer. It's a must-buy, a no-brainer purchase for the serious athlete!