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CANNONBALL + Spin Right Spinner + Power Insider Bat POD Fastpitch Softball Pitching Training Aids Equipment Gear

The Following Items Are Included In This Set

Spin Right Spinner----The Spinner Is A Softball Training Aid Designed To Teach The Pitching Spins And Rotation Directions In Fastpitch Softball. Whether You Are Working On The Basics Of Releasing The Softball Or The Advanced Spins Of The Rise, Curve Or Drop.

The Power Insider Bat Pod---Power Insider Bat Pod Is A Great Way For Players Of All Levels To Maximize The Power Behind Their Pitches Or Their Swings. Place The Flat Bottom Of The Rubber Pod On The Diamond Or Gym Flooring, Underneath Your Back Foot During Training. By Pushing Your Lower Body Forward, It Teaches You To Transfer Your Momentum Through The Lower Body, Into Your Swing Or Throw.

The Cannonball---- The Cannonball Weighted Ball Is Perfect For Rehabilitation, Toning, Therapy, Muscle Memory, Strengthening, And Warm-Up. Throw Against A Solid Wall, Such As Concrete Or Brick