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Buckeye Nation Sales Official Size Single Leather CORKBALL - Mini Baseball Bat Game

Corkball is St. Louis' classic baseball game. Originally played on the streets and alleys of St. Louis, MO, USA in the early 1900's, today corkball has leagues formed around the country. It has many of the features of baseball, yet can be played in a very small area. And because there is no base-running, it's a great game for players of all ages.******************* Corkball is a good summertime game because no exhausting action is required – the action is centered around the pitcher, the catcher and the batter; there is no base running. Corkball is also played in winter in netted areas in gymnasiums. And there is no age limit – Corkball players range in age from six to 86. Pitchers throw fast balls, curves, knuckleballs, sliders and changeups. One swinging strike retires the batter, providing the catcher holds the pitch. Two strikes, either swinging or called, are out, providing the catcher holds the second strike. ******************* Five balls constitutes a walk, the equivalent of a hit. Four walks, or four hits, or a combination of four walks and hits, scores a run, and each succeeding walk or hit in the same inning scores an additional run.